Information for Dallas Nannies

Thank you for your interest in Domestically Yours, Inc. DY places both live-in and live-out, and full time and part time personnel, principally in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. We understand a candidate’s desire to find the best working conditions, and we carefully endeavor to match candidates with the most appropriate families. We work hard to find the best family and salary for a candidate’s age, experience and qualifications. We understand that both parties must be happy for a placement to be successful.

Once a nanny has found the right family and accepted a position, that family becomes the employer. DY’s involvement, however, does not stop there. DY is available for questions and consultation to help smooth out any problems or miscommunications that may arise. DY treats nannies with the same respect as families. We know that our nannies are caring people with a lot to offer. We are always there for our nannies if and when they need advice or support.

DY never charges a candidate any fees whatsoever.

The salary range for nannies is approximately $1,000 per week and up, depending on factors such as experience, education, duties and number of children in the family’s home. Most nannies receive one week paid vacation after six months or two weeks paid vacation after a year, holiday pay, and sometimes insurance. Some families provide private living quarters for their nanny, and many offer use of a car. Many families frequently travel, often requesting that their nanny accompany them on trips.

Minimum requirements: Among other things, DY looks for nannies who show initiative, responsibility, honesty and good judgment, have a pleasant personality, and love children. All nannies must be willing to give at least a one year commitment. All applicants must be United States citizens (or have work papers authorizing them to work in the United States), current CPR certification, be in good health and preferably be a nonsmoker. All full time applicants must have references that can be verified. For nannies, these may include previous nanny, daycare, teaching, and home childcare experiences, etc. Criminal records will be checked.

DY has been licensed by the State of Texas and a member of the National Association of Nannies. DY is a participant in the Better Business Bureau Customer Care Program (Rated A+).

If you are a nanny and have any questions for DY, please call (972) 669-5059 or email