Why not use an online internet personnel agency that posts resumes of job applicants?

The internet has seen the birth of online personnel agencies, electronic versions of newspaper classifieds, that post job openings and availability. Not surprisingly, the fees charged by online personnel agencies are generally cheaper than those charged by full service personnel agencies. Are the savings worth it?

Internet Rule No. 1 is to never identify yourself to strangers. You risk heartbreak if you open your home and entrust your children to internet strangers. Just knowing they must undergo face-to-face professional screening is often enough to deter many wrongdoers.

The internet is a wonderful tool for buying commodities such as books and CD’s since you know the products before you order. It is more problematic for non-standardized products and services. And it is highly questionable for personal, sensitive matters such as hiring people to enter your home and care for your children. Using the proper tool for the job is normally best.

“There is no free lunch.” “You get what you pay for.” “If it seems too good to be true it probably is.” These adages have stood the test of time. The internet has changed the world, but not human nature, logic or wisdom. Professional face-to-face examination is still more likely to produce satisfaction than a faceless on-line agency. Satisfaction is more than just a low fee. Satisfaction is a pleasant, sweet employee who understands and does what you need. Satisfaction is long term stability. You do not want to repeatedly hire and train new personnel; furthermore, children function better with constancy. Satisfaction is peace of mind. You have responsibilities and must know that your help will be there for you. Satisfaction is safety and security. Your children and possessions must be safe. No one wants to be penny wise and pound foolish. The stakes are simply too high.

First, Domestically Yours is a well known, reliable business with a easily verifiable track record. Click here or call (214) 220-2000 for DY’s record with the Better Business Bureau or call the State of Texas Department of Licensing for DY’s history. You will find those records to be spotless. Beyond honesty, integrity, reliability and caring, DY has years of experience in making successful placements. Town and Country magazine picked DY as one of only six placement agencies in the world for its November 2011 article on domestic placement. References on Domestically Yours will allow you to hear the excitement with which DY clients share their appreciation. How does DY achieve such enthusiasm? First, families are interviewed at length to discover their unique wants and needs. In the interview, suggestions and solutions families may have overlooked are often suggested. Next, each candidate is personally interviewed face-to-face. Although the personnel business is an inexact science, years of experience generally gives a pretty good read on a candidates’ true nature. References are personally checked (with those references shared with you if you like), and an independent agency is hired to undertake a criminal background check in the county of residence. All suitable candidates are instructed on Domestically Yours’ copyrighted 70 point Homeowner Guidelines and Expectations. Our motto is, “We only place people we would hire for our own home.” Domestically Yours seeks to match the best candidate for your wants and needs. The result has been a satisfaction rate DY would gladly match with any agency in the country, much less an anonymous, impersonal on-line agency.

Second, clients repeatedly remark how sweet and wonderful their help is. Unlike many other agencies, DY does not run classified ads in newspapers casting about for personnel. DY candidates are typically referred to DY by people known or placed before. Birds of a feather tend to flock together. Having great personnel from the start dramatically increases the chances of success.

Third, DY saves you time. By personally prescreening candidates, DY helps avoid a parade of strangers through your home, and hopefully the tragic pain of a child molester, thief, etc utilizing a supposed interview to case a home. You are busy, and DY’s help can allow you to attend to your pressing needs.

Fourth, unless you quickly luck into a great candidate, DY will generally fill your opening much more quickly.

Fifth, DY service does not stop with the placement. After each placement, follow-up calls are repeatedly made to make sure everyone is satisfied. And free post-placement telephone consultations are always available — clients kid that DY deserves one fee for the placement and another for being their shrink. Schedule permitting, we are very flexible when we can talk — days, evenings and weekends. Except during certain vacations, telephone messages are checked during the weekend in order to stay in touch with clients.

Sixth, you pay nothing until you are totally satisfied. DY does not charge a retainer or application fee. DY does not believe you should pay a fee unless and until a placement is actually made. And once a placement is made, DY guarantees that, if at any time within six months after employment initially begins, you are unhappy or your employee leaves your employ, DY will seek a replacement employee for you at no charge (unlike many other agencies, there are no additional prorated charges during the guarantee period). In short, DY provides personal, hands-on, face-to-face service that an impersonal on-line agency simply can not match. When it comes to your home and your children, the internet can not begin to provide the safety, security and satisfaction you deserve and need.