Domestically Yours Testimonials

Discover why clients consider Domestically Yours as Dallas’ most trusted placement agency for nannies, housekeepers, and other domestic personnel.

Domestically Yours is a fantastic resource for finding a qualified caregiver. Paula Schwartz is understanding and extremely supportive to both the families and the caregiver. She is quick to identify your needs and find the perfect match. I highly recommend her services.

Rachel Goldberger

Paula Schwartz does a terrific job of matching people. Our housekeeper has been with us for 9 years. She’s a hard worker, and has been a great addition to our household.

Claudia & Lee Trevino

Paula is the ultimate professional. Responding quickly and efficiently, she understands and appreciates the unique needs of her clients. Whenever we have needed her help, Paula has always been there for us.


Paula Schwartz stood by her contract and found a good person to fill our position.

Herb Weitzman

I want to thank, Paula Schwartz, owner of Domestically Yours, Inc., for placing an amazing housekeeper, household manager and assistant for my husband. Gracie is the whole package. She is a treasure in our life. She does a beautiful job, with an eye for things to be taken care of. She livens up our house, and is a perfect fit for us. Paula will respond to your needs immediately.

Betty and Gordon McNulty

Paula Schwartz, President of Domestically Yours is the consummate professional. She has a gift for reading people and matching families with exactly the right person to meet their needs. Paula interviewed us just before the birth of our son and immediately matched our family with THE Perfect Nanny. Maira is now a part of our family. Paula cares a great deal for the people she places, and that her clients remain happy, long-term. This is a company you can trust for a high degree of talent, integrity, fair pricing, with a crack network of truly vetted applicants loyal to DY for providing them with years of great work experience.

Binky & Bobby Majumder, Highland Park, TX

Paula, I just wanted to say thanks again for finding us Marta!!!! She is just wonderful! She might be the kindest person in the world! And she is hard working and great at her job. My son loves her – we all do!!!


Paula, Ms. Chelo is AWESOME! We are in love with her. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate you.

Barrett Howell

[My nanny] is my Mary Poppins. She is already a part of the family and I just love her. She helps me in so many ways even beyond her incredible care for [my son]. She is amazing with him, I absolutely love that she plays guitar and has music lessons with him. She teaches him-and us so much. She has gotten to be friends with one of my friends nannies so they have play dates and picnics at the park and each of our houses almost daily which makes me so happy. Her ability to drive has been a huge help as well. Best $2800 I have EVER spent and I will always recommend you!! Thank you so so much.

Frances Mitchell

I can’t think of anything more difficult than choosing someone who you will trust to look after your children. However, from the start, Paula listened to our needs and concerns and understood how important this decision was for our family. She was patient, answered all of our questions, offered many helpful suggestions and guided us every step of the way until we found the perfect nanny for our 2 babies. Paula, thank you for exceeding every expectation and helping us find the best nanny. We are forever grateful!

Dr. Field and Sabrina Harrison

When I learned I was having twins, I immediately started looking for a nanny. I interviewed seven agencies and more than seven women before I finally found Paula at Domestically Yours. Her approach is unique and personalized – like a fingerprint. She spent an hour on the phone with me, interviewing me and asking what was important to us, how we were going to raise our children, our lifestyle, etc. She then set up an appointment for me to interview a candidate she had in mind. Janice was (and is) absolutely perfect for our family. She is like a second mother to my children, and we have become very close. I trust her wholeheartedly, and she is the ONLY person we have stay with our children – whether it be the course of the week, a date night or a weekend away. We have even traveled to California for a week with her, our sons (when they were 10 months old) and family.

There is NO better service in town. None. Paula has a reputation for matching the right client to the right candidate. I have recommended her to many people. Some of them have searched elsewhere (like we did), but have ultimately chosen Domestically Yours.

Being a new mother is filled with apprehension and excitement. Having one less thing to worry about and someone I could REALLY trust reduced that anxiety. Thank you, Paula, for everything you have done for my family!

Jody Dyerfox

Paula, Liz is wonderful! So conscientious and attentive to detail! Just a lovely person! I will say a prayer every night that everything works out! She is a jewel!

Nancy S.

I was very happy with Paula’s professionalism, transparency and prompt assistance to find our family the perfect nanny.

Chrissy Mantzuranis